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Release 4.0.2

This release provides new metrics and a new alert for the new queue latency feature in SwiftMQ 12.5.4.

The queue latency is the time in milliseconds between sending a message from a producer and removing the message from the queue by a consumer, thus it includes the processing time at the consumer client. This is a very important metric as you can now see when consumers lag behind, even if the message throughput is low (and flow control delays are not being generated).

The changes are in the Flow Director Platform, the SwiftMQ Prometheus App and the SwiftMQ Monitoring App. You first need to upgrade the Flow Director Platform to 4.0.2 and then update the SwiftMQ Prometheus App. The SwiftMQ Monitoring App needs to be deleted and re-installed as the setup wizard has changed to include the new queue latency alert.


FD-1419 Prometheus App: Add metric for queue latency. Look here.

FD-1422 SwiftMQ Monitoring App: New alert on queue latency. Look here.

FD-1424 SwiftMQ Monitoring App: New charts for queue latency. Look here.

FD-1425 Upgrade the internal flowdirector router to 12.5.4

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