Click on this button in the toolbar to open the setup wizard:

It leads you through the setup of four different alerting monitors:

You can activate the setup wizard anytime and enable or disable monitors.

Durable Subscriber Alert

This monitor checks if durable subscribers are unused and prevent a router from getting filled with lots of dead messages. After a configurable time, it turns into a yellow state and you will be informed by a warning eMail. After more time, they may turn in a red state, are being deleted, and you will be notified by eMail.

JMS Client Alert

This monitor checks whether JMS clients that match a client id predicate are disconnected. When the disconnect time exceeds a threshold, an alert eMail will be sent.

Routing Alert

This monitor sends an alert eMail whenever a router connects or disconnects.

Disk Partition Alert

This monitor sends an alert eMail whenever the used space of a router's disk partition reaches these thresholds: Yellow: 75%, Red: 90%.

Queue Alert

This monitor sends an alert eMail whenever the queue reaches the number of messages in the threshold and another when it goes below a threshold.

Mail Settings

All monitors require mail settings to send you alert emails. The settings are shared from all monitors. Click on this button to enter the data:

Ask your system administrator for the data to enter:

When finished, click on the upper right close button:

Enable/Disable Alerts

The wizard is self-explaining. Go through the steps and enable/disable the monitor your like.

The last step shows you these buttons:

Click on UPDATE APP to apply your changes.