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Release 3.5.4

Flow Director Platform


FD-1387 Update app: Flows with dedicated router automation are started on all routers


FD-1388 Setup Wizard: Add info about the object of a step to the step title

FD-1386 Setup: Automate dashboards on specific routers

SwiftMQ Router Monitoring App

This app provides the following new and very useful features that can be enabled through the Setup Wizard:

Queue Alerts

This monitor sends an alert eMail whenever the queue reaches the number of messages in the threshold and another when it goes below a threshold.

Read more: Manage Alerts

Queue Metrics

Collect metrics for this particular queue and show them in a dedicated dashboard.

Read more: Queue Metrics

The app requires Flow Director Platform 3.5.4 at least. Because we changed the Setup Wizard template, you cannot upgrade the app through the automatic upgrade mechanism. You need to

  • remove the app,

  • upgrade to Flow Director Platform 3.5.4,

  • and re-install the app.

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