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Release 3.5.2

Flow Director Platform


FD-1381 Export App: Missing flow components

FD-1375 Explorer: sys$net/usage, no chart values if value contains ','

FD-1373 Frontend: Handle property changes with null values

FD-1372 Frontend: Data table fields containing empty strings are not editable

FD-1371 Frontend: Values changed in datatable are not saved


FD-1382 Frontend: Convert DbCrud to new datatable

FD-1380 Monitor Table: Add a filter box similar to datatable (filter on text)

FD-1379 Provide install script for GraalVM

FD-1377 Docker: Use GraalVM 22.2.0 and install JS with gu install js

FD-1376 Upgrade SwiftMQ 12.5.1

FD-1374 Explorer: Audit Log

SwiftMQ Explorer App

SwiftMQ Explorer App features a new Audit Log.

It requires that you update Flow Director Platform via System App first.

Then update SwiftMQ Explorer App.

After the update perform a hard refresh of your browser (usually Shift / Reload).

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