SwiftMQ Explorer App has an integrated audit log that tracks every CLI change command on every connected SwiftMQ router. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, click on this button in the toolbar to open the setup wizard:

It leads you through the setup of the audit log:

You can configure the history size of the log (maximum log entries) and when the entries will automatically retire.

Click on UPDATE APP to apply your changes.

Every change through SwiftMQ Explorer App is now recorded with time, router & user name, CLI context, and CLI command.

The audit log is part of the admin menu only so normal users can’t see it. It is located here:

Clicking on it shows you the Audit Log dashboard:

Additionally, it is also stored in the flow’s log file.

If you run Flow Director in embedded mode, it is located under


If you run Flow Director in Flight mode, you find it under


of the router where Flow Director is connected to (aka the connected router).