This app injects data from MQTT clients into InfluxDB. 

MQTT clients have two options to inject the data:

  1. Connect directly to Flow Director as the embedded SwiftMQ router, and any SwiftMQ router connected as a network provides a full-fledged and highly scalable MQTT broker.

  2. Connect to any MQTT broker on-premise or in the cloud. The app will then connect there and subscribe to a topic to receive the data stream. This option has the advantage of intercepting existing data streams and push them to InfluxDB.

The app listens on a configurable topic and expects a JSON in the received message. It transforms the JSON into an InfluxDB record using simple Conversion Properties utilizing JSON Path and stores it into a configurable bucket and measurement in InfluxDB.

All configurations take place via the app’s web interface through a simple setup wizard. Data Injections run in parallel, and you can create and delete them dynamically. The number of Data Injections you define is not limited.

Dashboards show the total throughput of all Data Injections, Data Injections tops, dedicated throughput per Data Injection, and histories back to a year.