Conversion Properties must be entered for each Data Injection and provide an easy way to transform an incoming JSON into InfluxDB properties. If you create a Data Injection, the input field contains the format to be used:

The base format is <key>=<value>. The value part can be a static value or a JSON Path to extract the value out of the incoming JSON. See here how to use JSON Path.


Data is stored under a Measurement in InfluxDB. This can be any string and is mandatory:


or with a JSON Path to get the value from the input JSON:



Each data point must have a timestamp. To use the time of receiving the message, use automatic:


or use JSON Path to get it from the input JSON:



A data point can be tagged. A tag has a name and a value which is a string. You can specify multiple tags. The key starts with tag. followed by the tag name.


or use JSON Path to get it from the input JSON:



Fields contain the real data. For each field, you have to specify 2 lines, one for the type, and one for the value.


InfluxDB has fixed types which are boolean, string, integer, long, and float:

Conversion between types takes place automatically. So your input can be a string and is converted to a float if you specify so.


The field value can be a static value:


or use JSON Path to get it from the input JSON:$.total