Select Kafka / Kafka Bridge from the app selector:

The default user is admin with password changeme.

Enter your License Key

The first login to the app requires entering a license key. If you don’t have one yet, you can purchase it right here:

Setup Wizard

A wizard will guide you through the initial setup on the first login. You can activate the wizard for reconfiguration anytime later from the toolbar.

Create a Topic Bridge

A bridge is created between the topics of a source and a target broker. This can be the same brokers or different. It can be local or cloud-based brokers. This example bridges topic kafkarpm to topic1 of the same broker in Confluent Cloud (note, the access credentials have been deleted in the meantime):

  • You first define a unique bridge name that is used in dashboards.

  • The source broker properties are the properties to configure a Kafka Consumer. You can just copy it from Confluent Cloud (Clients / New Java Client) or fine-tune it as you like.

  • You can specify single or multiple topics. For multiple topics use a comma to separate them.

  • Since we use the same Confluent Cloud broker, just use the same connection properties to configure the Kafka Producer or fine-tune it according to your needs.

  • Specify the target topic name. Only a single topic is allowed here.

  • You can also overwrite the record key of the messages with a static value (here: rpmevents). Specify none to keep the record key of the received messages.

That’s it.

You can create more bridges by clicking the + button:

Here is an example to collect messages from topic1, topic2, and topic3 from Confluent Cloud and send them to the topic collected of a local Kafka broker:

Remove a Topic Bridge

Click on

to remove a topic bridge.

Start the App

After finishing your setup, you can start the app by pressing START APP:

It displays the Total Throughput dashboard and you might already see your bridges in action:

Starting and Stopping the App

The app is started after the initial configuration. This can be seen at this button in the toolbar which displays green:

Press it to stop the app:

To start it, press it again.


To change your configuration, press this button:

It launches the wizard and you can apply your changes. Then press UPDATE APP:

It restarts the app with the new settings.

Change your Password

You can change your password here:

You are being logged out after a change and have to login again.