This app provides bridges between topics of the same or different Apache Kafka clusters, on-premise or in the cloud.

A bridge consists of a Kafka Consumer on one or more topics of a source broker and a Kafka Producer on a topic of a target broker. The connection between consumer and producer is direct. There is no overhead such as intermediate storage of messages. Record keys can be overwritten during transfer.

Consumer and producers are configured through properties you know from a Kafka Java client. This allows maximum flexibility for fine-tuning such as delivery guarantees and simplicity as you can usually copy these properties from i.e. Confluent Cloud if you bridge from or to it.

All configurations are done via the app’s web interface through a simple setup wizard. Bridges can be created and deleted dynamically. The number of bridges you define is not limited.

Dashboards show the total throughput of all bridges, bridge tops, dedicated throughput per bridge, and histories back to a year.