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Stream Interface

This library provides the SwiftMQ Stream Interface as components. This library is the base library of Flow Director with many low-level components.


It contains components to connect to a Mail Server and to Send Emails.


It contains components to handle Flags. A Flag is a binary state that can be SetUnset and Checked. It is used to store a state between multiple flow invocations.


It contains components related to the flow like Flow Start and Flow Stop that send an empty message when the flow is started or stopped, respectively. It also contains converters from one message type into another, which is used to send an empty message, but a triggered component doesn't accept that type. It also contains sequencers of various types to create branches within a flow.


Contains input components from queues, topics, temporary queues, and the management tree.


It contains MemoryMemory Group and Memory Factory which is used in Memory Groups to create memories.

Memory Ops

Contains all components that work on respectively can be connected to Memory or Memory Groupcomponents.


It contains all components that are related to messages. This is divided into components for the message body, converter, factories, generic components, header, property, and type operations.


It contains components to monitor certain states of a SwiftMQ router and a Send State component.


Contains output components to queues, topics, temporary queues, and replies for request/reply scenarios.


Contains promise components that execute operations asynchronously, such as Request and passes the result when it arrives.


A reference is a pointer to another component that is valid within the same flow invocation. References are usually created in a separate flow branch, created by using a sequencer (i.e., a Message Sequencer). Other components in other branches can then use the reference to access it.


Contains a Log and a CLI component. The Log component logs a message into the flow's log file at the SwiftMQ router. You can use the CLI component to issue any CLI command, i.e., creating a queue.


Contains Timer components.

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