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Release 4.2.0


FD-1461 Use vert.x 4.5.7 w/ virtual threads

FD-1468 Bundle GraalVM CE, Use SwiftMQ 13

FD-1469 Implement Retry for FD Shell, Stream Registry, CLI

Bundling GraalVM & SwiftMQ 13.0.2

Similar to SwiftMQ 13, Flow Director now comes with a bundled GraalVM CE. This integration is a significant step in simplifying the user experience, as it removes the need for external JDK installations and maintenance enhancing the ease of use and deployment for our users.

It also bundles SwiftMQ CE 13.0.2, the latest and most stable release.

Virtual Threads

Flow Director now entirely uses Virtual Threads by upgrading to Vert.x 4.5.7 and refactoring code to replace synchronized methods with locks or atomic operations provided from the Java Collections.

Upgrading to 4.2.0


Due to the new GraalVM CE bundling it is not possible to use the automatic or manual upgrade functions in the System App. You need to reinstall Flow Director 4.2.0 in order to work correctly. Automatic/manual upgrade will work again in future releases.

Before you upgrade, copy the

  • apps and

  • config

folders with all content including hidden files from your old Flow Director installation into the new Flow Director installation.

Then start the new installed 4.2.0 version with:

./startserver [<preconfig>]


Flow Director running in Docker or podman will just work by pulling and using the new image with tag flowdirector/fdserver:4.2.0 or flowdirector/fdserver:latest.

If you run SELinux with podman, you need to add the DAC_OVERRIDE capability to your container.

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