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Release 4.1.0

New Directory / Table / Log Tailer components

This release provides new flow components that act as a directory of objects. FD Server has been enhanced to act on these directories and can start/stop flows and dashboards dynamically.

A new Log Tailer component has been added that can tail log files of different formats.

New table components for flows and dashboards have been added to display predefined log files and generic tables.

Together, these components can dynamically display log files as they appear, act on new queues to display detailed metrics, and show dynamic tables selected from databases.

Design Changes

The flow and dashboard orchestrators have a new design:

All commands that act on a selected set of flows and dashboards are now fully initiated and executed on the FD Server.

SwiftMQ Monitoring App

The combined info/warning/error.log of the SwiftMQ Router is now displayed under the Log Files folder:

If you use the JavaMail Bridge Swiftlet and enable the mail log, you’ll see further entries for each mail log file.

The log file is displayed in tail mode (latest entry on top) and displays new entries dynamically:

The table can be sorted and filtered. For more information read here.

Warehouse Sample App

The Store State dashboard has been enhanced by a table that displays the state of open orders:

For each order, you can see the order stage (packing, ready, delivering). This table is filled with data extracted from messages flowing through the warehouse and demonstrates the use of dynamic tables.

SwiftMQ CLI App

The terminal has a new modern design:

The first available router is now displayed as default right after login.


FD-1449 Table: integer & long -> align right; boolean -> align center

FD-1450 Table: Issue tablemeta command in a timer loop until it succeeds to reconnect after the app stops/starts


FD-1357 New Dashboard Comp: Table

FD-1429 Prometheus App: Add metrics for used/free/total pages

FD-1430 New Flow Comps: Directory Scanner, Log Tailer

FD-1431 FD Server: Handle directory events, start/stop flows & dashboards dynamically

FD-1432 SwiftMQ Monitoring App: Display combined router log file

FD-1433 SwiftMQ Monitoring App: Display JavaMail log files

FD-1434 New Flow Comps: Table Shell (+ sub comps)

FD-1435 App Menu: Same style as Explorer menu

FD-1437 Remove deployed Dashboards on startup to be able to switch between embedded and flight mode

FD-1438 Redesign Dashboard Orchestrator

FD-1439 Redesign Flow Orchestrator

FD-1448 Warehouse App: Added Open Order table to Store State Dashboard


FD-1441 Sort flow table by their names

FD-1442 Change "deploy" icon to a softer version

FD-1443 Use server-side "set" command for flow orchestrator

FD-1445 Sort dashboard table by their names

FD-1446 Use server-side "set" command for dashboard orchestrator

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