This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.

Please reload your browser (Shift / Reload) after the upgrade.


  • FD-1348 Exception when REST call not answered: io.vertx.ext.web.RoutingContext Unhandled exception in router

  • FD-1346 Frontend, Setup Wizard: Update / Start App Button is disabled when the dialog is opened the 2nd time (keeps busy = true)

  • FD-1344 Display App Update button if Automate button is displayed


  • FD-1349 networkaddress.cache.ttl is configurable as a System property to limit DNS caching time (via FD_JVM_OPTIONS). More here

  • FD-1351 System App, Install Apps: Use the same comp as in the install wizard (displayed when no apps are installed); no tags, no tag selector

  • FD-1350 Upgrade to vert.x 4.2.5

  • FD-1347 Frontend, Setup Wizard: Buttons -> FDButton

  • FD-1345 Frontend: Setup Wizard, Make Update / Start App button always visible