This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.

Please reload your browser (Shift / Reload) after the upgrade.


  • FD-1343 Backend: Flows that are dependent on a flow that is updated are stopped but not restarted

  • FD-1337 Start Screen: FD Logo on mobile is too large

  • FD-1327 FD Embedded: HA instance not served after failover


  • FD-1340 Frontend, Setup Wizard: Disable UPDATE APP button after click

  • FD-1336 System App: Upgrade, do the check for new release after login, and display a "!" badge at the icon when a new release is available

  • FD-1335 System App: Upgrade, add release notes URL

  • FD-1332 Backend: AutoShell similar to System's UpgradeShell

  • FD-1331 App Upgrade: Make app upgrades similar to the system's platform upgrade

  • FD-1330 Frontend: App Log store read message-ids (or dates thereof) in local storage

  • FD-1329 Explorer: Implement move all / copy all (Message Viewer)

  • FD-1328 FD selection in tables w/ shift+click