This release focuses on general design improvements of the Flow Director frontend.

Please reload your browser (Shift / Reload) after the upgrade.


  • FD-1316 Explorer App: Improve message viewer.

  • FD-1318 Explorer App, Message Viewer: Re-implement data tables.

  • FD-1319 App menu: Improve design.

  • FD-1323 General design improvements: New default fonts, buttons, tooltip, drop-down, login page.

  • FD-1324 App Auto-Update: Dependency flows stopped on update but not started after update.


  • FD-1317 Explorer App: Sort order doesn’t match values if a group chart is configured.

  • FD-1321 Prometheus app: force to send non-persistent metric messages.

  • FD-1322 Prometheus app: don't use topic hierarchies to send metrics to avoid sending metrics to all connected routers.

  • FD-1325 Dynamic router dashboard directory not found on routerunavailable event.