Release date: January 24, 2022

This release focuses on the performance of the SwiftMQ Explorer App. It changes from the fully loaded management tree into the browser to a viewport-based model where the App only receives content and updates for the current view, i.e. the current page of an EntityTable, which reduces the network traffic by 90 percent. Everything is now done on the server side. This results in blazingly fast performance, even if thousands of queues are defined and the Usage table of the Queue Manager Swiftlet is shown.


The upgrade can be done via the System app (manual or automatic).

After the upgrade: If you have the SwiftMQ Explorer App installed, perform a hard reload of the browser (usually Shift/Reload Page) to clean the browser cache.


  • FD-1305 Change flow component Pattern/Subscription Forwarder to support viewports and send metrics for SwiftMQ Explorer charts.

  • FD-1306 Migrate FD Server to vert.x 4.x

  • FD-1307 Change vert.x event bus to the official eventbus-bridge

  • FD-1310 Frontend / Explorer: Instead of loading large data sets from the management tree (i.e. thousands of queues) support the viewport model.

  • FD-1311 Frontend: Replace Vuetify data table with own implementation, fix layout issues and colors


  • FD-1308 Install Wizard: Ensure sequential installation of apps

  • FD-1309 Dealock in routing connection during HA failover