Release date: December 30, 2021

This release introduces Flight (Flow Director Light).

In Flight mode, Flow Director server does not launch an embedded SwiftMQ router but connects to an existing SwiftMQ router that can also be a HA router.

In contrast, the Embedded mode launches an embedded SwiftMQ router so nothing changes here. Embedded mode is the default.


The upgrade can be done via the System app (manual or automatic). However, since the startserver script has been changed, you need to stop and start Flow Director in order to execute the new script content after the upgrade.


  • FD-1276 Implemented Flight mode. New scripts: startflight, startflight.bat

  • FD-1302 Update apps and libs once per day


  • FD-1304 Flow Director shell, listflow. Deployer not yet active and listflow failed. Implemented retry.

  • FD-1301 Dismiss client requests during reconnect.

  • FD-1299 Router Monitoring App: Multiple routers with the same name after reconnect.

  • FD-1294 Flow attachments (3rd party jar files) not replicated to the 2nd HA instance.

  • FD-1298 Router Connection, send lib: Concurrent use of a JMS session leads to timeout sending flow libs.