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Manage Routes

Flow Director allows you to expose a custom REST API of your app through the embedded HTTP server and handle REST requests from flows. This is called the Web API.

Managing the Web API involves these parts:

  • Create REST routes.

  • Configure REST authentication.

  • Handle the REST request from flows.

The Web API is reachable through this menu:

Web API Demo

To illustrate how the Web API works, we provide a demo app in the Flow Director app library. The app name is Web API Demo and provides an example service User that has the following operations:

  • Add a user and specify if it is an admin or not.

  • Change the admin state of a user.

  • Delete a user.

  • List all users.

Add a Route

Click ADD ROUTE to create a route:

This creates a POST route with the following URL:



If checked, accessing the route requires authentication according to the authentication settings of the Web API.


If checked, it will immediately confirm requests with HTTP status code 200 before passing it to a flow handler. This is useful to handle large amounts of requests without the need to wait for an outcome.

The route is added to the table as (excerpt):

The mentioned Topic is auto-generated and is the destination topic where these requests are being sent. Flow handlers will listen on that topic.

Change/Delete a Route

You can change the Authenticated and Pre-confirm flags in-place. To change the route or method, you need to re-create the route.

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