This library contains components to access any JDBC compliant database. It requires uploading the JDBC driver jar file to the flow.


Creates a new JDBC connection and provides it as a reference. The connection is either created by a message trigger or during flow init.

This component requires that you upload the JDBC driver as a jar file by clicking on the Attach button at the top:

Then drop the jar file into the upload area:

The upload needs to be confirmed in the property dialog of the Connection component.

Some database systems close the JDBC connection after a while of inactivity. You can specify a simple select statement to prevent this, and an Interval Timer component can be attached to execute it.

select 1 from <tablename>


Inserts a row into a database table by taking properties out of the incoming message and store them as the column values.


Updates rows of a database table.


Deletes rows from a database table.


Executes a SQL query and returns the result as a memory that you can further process:


Closes the JDBC connection triggered by a message. This is usually done by connecting it to the Flow Stop component.