This library contains components to access a local or cloud-based InfluxDB database (2.0 or higher).


Creates a new InfluxDB connection and provides it as a reference. The connection is created during flow init.

This component requires that you upload the InfluxDB Java client jar files with all dependencies by clicking on the Attach button at the top:

Then drop the jar files into the upload area:

A good source to grab a jar file with all dependencies from Maven Central is

The upload needs to be confirmed in the property dialog of the Connection component. Connection parameters are defined via influx2 properties, which gives the most flexibility.


Writes a single point to the InfluxDB bucket, defined by the Connection component, and stores it under a Measurement name. The data can be static values or properties of the incoming message. Tags can be added.


Executes a Flux query and returns the result as a memory that you can further process:

Example of a Flux query:

The component outputs a Memory component with a single message per returned record. The messages contain the field name as property name and the value as the property value.