GitOps is a methodology that originated from the Kubernetes space to declarative describe and manage infrastructure in Git as a single source of truth. Not only the actual code is managed through Gut but also the configuration. Deployed systems pull and apply these changes automatically.

Flow Director’s GitOps implementation covers the whole cycle until all installed apps are at a new release, initiated by a simple merge into a Git master branch.

Flow Director Platform

The infrastructure to run Flow Director apps is the Flow Director Platform. It is the same platform used for development and production and automatically updates itself.



Apps are connected to a Git repository. Usually, there is a development branch and a master (release) branch. Developers are using the development branch until a release of an app is ready, and development is merged with master.


Flow Director instances running at the user sites are listening on the master branch of their apps. When a new release of an app is available, it is pulled from Git, diffs are created, and the corresponding flows and dashboards are automatically updated through Flow Director’s automation.