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Flow Editor

To create or edit a flow, invoke the flow editor from the flow orchestrator, reachable from this menu:

It shows the flow orchestrator of this app:

Then use NEW FLOW to create a new flow or use the pencil button of an existing flow to launch the flow editor:

It is mostly self-explaining but what you need to know is:

  • As with everything in Flow Director, It is always auto-save.

  • Use the Find Component search box to look up the flow component you need.

  • Drag it into the edit area.

  • Click on a component to edit its properties.

  • Connect components by click on an output connector, keep the mouse button down, and draw the line to an input connector of another component.

  • The flow is validated of correctness, you see it at the upper right green or yellow light.

  • You can tag flows.

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