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This library contains components that generate data for graphical dashboard components like charts.


Probes are components that provide one or more values out of an input source. These components can be connected to dashboard Status Card components and History components.


Messages probes extract values from properties of incoming messages and provide them as probe stream.


System probe are components that connect to the SwiftMQ router's internal management tree and provide the values as a probe stream.


History components build a history of the incoming data. Both History and Group History receive a probe stream from a Probe component and aggregate the values on the minute, hour, day, month, and year time frames. The output of a History component can be visualized by dashboard components Area/Line/Bar Charts while a Group History is visualized in a dashboard Group Chart.

Timeline components store begin and end timestamps of events and can be connected to a dashboard Timeline component.


Collects state messages from monitor components and builds a persistent history to display in a dashboard Monitor Table component.

Process Mining

Contains a Process Analyzer to create a realtime process model to display in a Process Viewerdashboard component.


These components are used to create a shell that can be connected to a dashboard Terminal component. A shell is constructed by chaining Shell Command Parameters to form Register Shell Commands that connect to a Shell. Received shell commands are forwarded to command handlers that connect to the Shell component as shown here:

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